Costs Covered

You’ve nothing to worry about as your food, accomodation, and training is all included

Get Paid

Earn $2,000 for your time at camp, which more than covers your flight and costs

Full Support

From signing up, to airport pickup and arriving at camp, we’re there to help

The summer of your life starts here.

We’re thrilled to introduce our new US Summer Camp program. Spend your summer in the US, create unforgettable memories, make friends for life, and earn around $2,000 while you’re at it. Not to mention the benefit it adds to your CV as you gain workplace skills that employers love.

If you’re passionate, motivated, and ready to make an impact – then you have what it takes. We’re here to guide you through every step of the process and make your life a whole lot easier, from finding the perfect camp for you to getting your visa, and the rest.

So, what do you say?

Why We Love Camp…

Holiday in the USA

After an epic time at camp – it’s time to let your hair down in the US of A! Knowing that you’ve worked your socks off and had an unforgettable experience, you can make the most of the US and create even more memories. Extend your stay and use your salary to finish your trip with a cherry on top. Travel with new friends and enjoy all the US has to offer.

Summer camp leader putting his hand on the shoulder of a child and smiling, at a summer camp in the woods

A Chance to Shine

Enjoying camp and being the best you can be is all you need to think about. But future you will thank you for not only the incredible experience, but also the benefits that being a camp councillor brings. It breeds confidence, makes you a leader, develops your interpersonal skills – and guess what? Employers love to see it on you CV and hear all about it!

It’s a Breeze

Airport pick up makes the start of your US adventure as easy as can be. But before that, we’re there to help you every step of the way. From finding your camp, to getting a visa and booking flights. And you don’t have to worry about accommodation or food, that’s all included. All you have to focus on is enjoying your experience and making the most of it for you and the campers.

Girl holding a canoe paddle at a summer camp in the USA
Two girls smiling and sitting at a bench in the USA
Group of children at a summer camp in the USA
Staff and campers eating in groups at a dining hall at a summer camp

What Will I Do at Camp?

Every day at camp is different – that’s one of the many beauties of it. But every day at camp is going to involve being outside in nature, surrounded by energetic and excited campers. It can be intense and full-on so it’s important you’re motivated and prepared for that, but that’s what makes the experience so wholesome. With no phones or TV to distract people from one another, real connections are made and friendships blossom.

You’re rarely alone at camp – from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed, and when you sleep too. General counselors usually share a dorm with a small group of campers that they’re responsible for, with at least one more colleague. Counselors with a specialist skill may share just with other counselors.

There’s a week of training before campers arrive – this is the perfect time to lay the foundations of future teamwork and success with your fellow counselors, as well as an opportunity to get to know each other and make friends. Because once the campers arrive, your focus as a role model is to be responsible whilst making sure the campers are all having a great time.

Most of your days will involve outdoor activities – of course this can vary significantly depending on the camp you’re in. Some are a lot smaller and may have less resources, whereas others are huge with lots of facilities, we’ll do our best to find one that suits you. Just think, if children enjoy doing it, then you’ll most likely end up doing it at some point or other. With the one exception being glued to a screen.

There are two types of counselors at camp – a general counselor does a bit of everything and usually sticks with one group of campers throughout. They have more responsibility over the campers and must guide them through their days, from having their breakfast and brushing their teeth in the morning, to getting ready for bed in the evening. Specialist counselors will stick to their speciality for most of the day, and do so with different groups of campers. Below is a list of possible specialites:

Lifeguarding / Football Coaching / Pottery / Dancing / Drama / Photography / Rock Climbing / Playing Guitar / Horse Riding / Gardening / Painting / Fishing / Kayaking

If you don’t have a specialist skill, don’t worry – you’ll have the chance to do a little bit of everything as a general counselor. But if there is something you’re passionate about and experienced in, camps want to know.

Why Camp is Right for You…

Costs Covered

Rest easy knowing that having the summer of a lifetime will cost you nothing – other than hard work, passion, and perseverance. Our fee, visa costs, and your flight will be less than what you’re paid for your amazing work at camp. And you’ll be left with extra cash to spend as you please, stay in the US and have a holiday or head home with a bigger bank balance than you started with.

Friendship and Connections

These days, it seems that people spend more time looking into screens than into each other’s eyes. Let’s break that trend! Phones are not welcome at camp, instead, real connections are made with real people. Spending the whole summer surrounded by nature, with positive vibes buzzing around camp – is the perfect way to make friends for life. Enter a place where true connection is valued over everything else.

US Culture

The US is far more than hotdogs, baseball, and pickup trucks! We’re all familiar with it’s culture through TV and films, but only by actually heading across the pond can you truly experience it. It’s a country that’s hard not to fall for, especially after spending a summer with amazing colleagues and campers that you’ll remember forever. It’s time to experience the US for real, not from behind a TV screen.

Two young boys hugging and smiling at a summer camp in the USA

Attributes and Requirements

Is Camp Right for You?

You’re already halfway there if you’re reading this! A deep motivation to do something different, improve yourself, and help others is what we’re looking for in candidates. But there are a few specific attributes and requirements that are important to consider if you want to join our US Summer Camp Program.


  • Active and energetic
  • Patient and thoughtful
  • Positive and confident
  • Caring and kind


  • 19 – 23 years old
  • Fluent English speaker
  • Some experience with children
  • Clean background check

Fee and Costs

It’s important to remember the $2,000 dollars coming your way for all your hard work at camp when considering the upfront costs. We’ve tried to keep our fee as low as possible and have negotiated the best price for your visa. We’ll also help you find the cheapest flights possible.

What does our £325 fee get you?

  • An orientation day on May 31st in central London where you’ll meet us, but more importantly your fellow counselors
  • Our connections with the best summer camps in North America means that you’ll be in good hands and have the best summer possible
  • We offer full support through the complicated visa process, never feel overwhelmed or stressed as we’ll be by your side for it all
  • Join the Impact Teaching family and receive 20% off all our teach abroad programs – start your journey to becoming a teacher in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Hungary, or Poland today

And what are the other costs?

  • To obtain your J-1 Visa that is necessary to work in America, it costs £270
  • Flight costs vary depending where your camp is in the US, a flight to New York could cost less than £500 but to somewhere like Chicago might be closer £700


Program Fee – £325

J-1 US Visa – £270

Flights (estimate) – £500-700


£1,500 (for 7 weeks at camp)

Food provided

Accommodation provided

One summer in the US. Memories that will last a lifetime. Friends that will last longer.

What’s Next?

If you’ve decided that camp is right for you, and you’re right for camp, then click here to submit your CV along with a cover letter

We’ll have a 30-minute video call to discuss camp and your background, if all goes well, you can get excited as we get to work

Now you can sit back, relax, and get ready for your adventure while we find your perfect camp and get the ball rolling