Accomodation Sorted

Receive free housing or £300 a month allowance – and support finding a flat

Great Salary

Earn around £1,500 a month and save money with the low cost of living

Costs Covered

Flight and visa costs reimbursed by your school midway through your contract

Make your impact in China.

Home to buzzing metropolises and natural beauty that rivals anywhere on earth – China is a country that you can’t help falling for. With delicious food, a long history, fascinating culture, unbeatable opportunities, and some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet – China really is the centre of the world.

With one step in the future whilst simultaneously celebrating its past – China is exciting, enticing, peaceful, and incredible all at the same time.

And you can call it home as a teacher in one of its bustling cities, all whilst earning a salary that enables you to travel, save, and live a great quality of life. In China – you’ll make unforgettable friends, memories, and experience so much more than a country.

Will you say ni hao to the Middle Kingdom?

Why China Is Right For You…

Make Memories – Make Friends

People make the world go round. And in China – you’ll find some of the very best. Friendly locals and international expats make the experience what it is. Our teachers find friends for life and create unforgettable memories with them. We think this is the best thing about teaching abroad, and China is the best place to do it, with your fellow teachers and the more than 1.4 billion people who call China home.

Save, Travel, and Live

The salary of a foreign teacher in China, along with free housing, flights and visa reimbursement – offers you a fantastic opportunity. There’s no need to worry if you can afford to go out with friends or treat yourself to something nice. Don’t think twice about booking that holiday or taking a trip home. Live a great quality of life, travel, and leave something in the bank – that’s the beauty of working in China as a teacher.

It’s a Cultural Adventure 

Everywhere you look, there’s something to see. Everywhere you go, there’s something to do. There’s never a boring day in China. The rich and interesting culture is a treat for all the senses. Whether it’s slurping down a delicious bowl of noodles or marvelling at a temple stood proudly beside a skyscraper – soaking up all China has to offer is an experience that cannot be rivalled in most other parts of the world. What’s not to love.

What Will I Do as a Teacher in China?

You have a variety of teaching options – whether you’d prefer to teach young learners in a kindergarten or teenagers at high school, you can in China. If you choose us, the choice is yours. We have over 18 years of experience working with Chinese schools throughout the country, so we’re sure to have the right place for you.

Term starts in August and February – so make sure you apply with us 3/4 months before you want to go. We do also have some more flexible start dates throughout the year, so feel free to enquire about those if you’re interested.

If you choose to choose to work in a primary, middle or high school – most of your days will begin with a morning commute on the metro or bus, and don’t forget to grab some delicious street food for breakfast on your way in. After a cup of coffee or tea with your colleagues, you’ll be ready for your first class of the day, throughout the day you will then teach different classes of varying age and ability. You’ll be working Monday to Friday during regular school hours, with some longer and shorter gaps between lessons, that you can either use to plan lessons or go and explore the city.

You are the main teacher – but don’t worry, you’ll always have the support of a Chinese co-teacher. And if you don’t, it means they’re fully confident in your ability to manage the class. You’ll receive a lot of support when you first start, from planning lessons to shadowing experienced teachers. Feedback is important too, your co-teachers will let you know how you’re doing and help you improve.

If you choose to choose to work in a kindergarten – your day will start very much the same as it would if you were teaching older students, but the structure is not the same. First of all, there aren’t individual lessons and periods, instead you will be with the same class all day. The teaching element is minimal, you’ll instead be looking after one class, playing with the students, encouraging them to use English, and supporting the Chinese teacher.

You will have to plan lessons and give student feedback – this can be challenging at first but quickly becomes second nature. We provide you with training and support before you go, and that won’t stop once you arrive in China. Your school will guide you through what they expect and is required from you, some want more and others are more relaxed, but it’s an important part of being a successful teacher.

Classroom management is rarely an issue – Chinese students are amazing! You will make special connections with them, they will never forget you, and you will always remember them. On the whole they are very well behaved, but not always. It is important you can manage the class well, your school will expect you to do this, but they also understand that it may not happen straight away. Through the training we provide, you will be a lot more confident about stepping into the classroom, but you will always be supported by local teachers if needed.

Some of the Many Cities We Offer…



Wuhan – 2022

“I was determined to move to China, but due to the pandemic and ever-changing regulations, I had no idea where to even begin. Arnold makes the process so much easier by connecting us with hiring schools, helping with the interview process, and guiding us through the process of obtaining a visa and traveling to China. There are regular video calls with all the prospective teachers in the program (and at times teachers who are already in China) which helps tremendously by providing support. There are also workshops to prepare us to be better teachers. Now that I am here, I am absolutely loving life in China!”


We always do our best to help everyone start their teaching adventure in China, regardless of nationality or education, but we are bound by the strict rules and regulations of the country that we must follow to ensure everything is done legally.

Below are the requirements that are necessary if you want to teach in China, we hope that they apply to you and that we can help your start your journey.


  • Hold a passport from the UK, US, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa
  • Have a university degree (any subject is ok – and final year students can apply)
  • Hold a clean background check
  • Have completed a TEFL before arriving in China (we can help you get one)

You don’t need any teaching experience or knowledge of the Chinese language.


Nanjing – 2021

Impact Teaching have been absolutely great in helping me get a teaching job in China. The company has been excellent in providing support and guidance both before getting to China and now that I’m here. Securing a position and a working visa would have been 100x more difficult without all their help and so I would definitely recommend Impact Teaching to anyone who is thinking of taking the plunge and moving to China.”

Cost of Living and Lifestyle

Let’s use Shanghai as a example, it’s one of the most exciting cities in China, but also one of the most expensive. Despite this, on a foreign teachers wage it is very easy to enjoy a fantastic quality of life, save money, and go travelling.

Below are some examples of how much different things cost, using the help of our teachers in the country:

  • A flat outside of the city centre per month – £400 (£300 of which is covered by your housing allowance)
  • Monthly bills for your accommodation – £50
  • A bowl of delicious noodles – £2-3
  • Dinner for two at an expensive restaurant – £30
  • One big bottle of local beer – £1.20
  • Unlimited monthly public transport – £30

As you can see, the cost of living in Shanghai verses a salary of around £1,500 plus £300  a month means that it’s possible do do whatever it is that you want, without worrying. We’re really excited to offer you this opportunity with the difficult cost of living crisis that’s affecting everyone.


Program Fee – £630

Visa and Insurance (estimate) – £600

Return Flights (estimate) – £600


£1,500 a Month (estimate)

£300 a Month Housing Allowance (estimate)

Flights and Visa Reimbursement

To help those who cannot manage the fee on top of all the other start up costs of getting to China, we understand and want to help as much as we can. We also offer a free China program, all that is required is a £95 holding deposit, which is returned on your arrival in the country. If you are interested in this then we are more than happy to help, please apply here and tell us you are interested in the free program. This option does not come with as many training sessions, as much support, our London orientation day, or the option to teach in Shanghai or Beijing. But if it is right for you, please let us help.

Your Investment

We understand that there are significant upfront costs involved in getting to China, but you have to consider the long game. The rewards are not only great in experiences and memories, but the financial benefits are clear to see. Our teachers save, travel, and live the good life in China. You can too if you choose it as your next destination.

What does our £630 fee get you?

  • A safe and legal placement at a trusted and vetted school in China
  • Our full support and experience through the complicated visa process, never feel overwhelmed or stressed
  • An internationally recognised 120h TEFL course that unlocks teaching opportunities across the world (£80 discount if you already have one)
  • An orientation day on July 27th in central London where you’ll meet us, but more importantly your fellow teachers
  • Priceless online and in person training sessions where we’re joined by alumni members who have been there and done it
  • In country support from our team who have all lived and taught in China before

What’s Next?

If you’ve decided that China is right for you, and you’re right for China, then click here to submit your CV along with a cover letter

We’ll have a 30-minute video call to discuss options and your background, if all goes well, you can get excited as we get to work

Now you can sit back, relax, and get ready for your adventure while we find your perfect school and get the ball rolling

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