We were just like you.

First, seeking adventure, then finding it. We are the ex-TEFL teachers turned teach abroad company. Where you are now, we’ve been, we know what it’s like to be in your shoes. And this very unique experience gives us the ability to look after you on your teach abroad journey just as we’d have wanted to have been.

Now, let us tell you how we got from the classrooms of the world to speaking with you today!

Long before Impact teaching was founded back in 2019, we had already helped thousands of teachers their start new lives overseas. Our big brother and other brand, Teach English In China, was born in 2005.

After working in China ourselves, we noticed a lot of confusion and lack of support for new teachers moving halfway across the world to a country where they couldn’t speak the language and didn’t understand the culture. So, we created Teach English In China to simplify the process and connect people with safe, reliable and legal teaching placements they could trust

Fourteen years on, Impact Teaching came about after a cry from people like you for us to offer more programs in different countries. You asked so we delivered.

Working together with carefully selected partners in cities around the world, we’re here to make your teach abroad dreams a reality. Experts in their fields and careers, our partners are 100% vetted, approved and recommended – and not only by us: just ask the thousands of students, teachers and adventurers whose footsteps you’re following in.

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We’ll take care of it all.

We’re here to make your choice as simple and your journey as smooth as possible. Our start-to-finish service allows you to focus on what’s really important: gaining experience, saving money and having an incredible time.

We take care of it all, from pre-departure training to post-arrival support – and everything in between. Put simply, we deal with the hard parts, so you can spend less time worrying, and more time making your impact.

Meet the team behind Impact Teaching…

Arnold Vis

Director & Founder

After living and working in the US, Israel and China, Dutch-born Arnold settled in the UK, where he founded Impact Teaching. With a passion for helping others embark on meaningful travel, he strives to ensure safe, quality placements around the world.


Josh Butterworth

Marketing Manager

Starting his teaching journey in 2019 with Teach English in China, Josh has since taught in Shanghai and more recently with Impact in Thailand. His blogs enlightened us about life as an ESL teacher, and his experience has made him a valuable member of our team.


Now, that’s enough about us. Why not tell us about you?