Why Choose Mae Sai?

It’s easy to fall in love with Thailand, but it’s inevitable that Mae Sai will steal your heart. Nestled in the top corner of Chiang Rai province, in the far northeast of the country close to the border, Mae Sai is a truly unique and beautiful place.

Surrounded by landscapes that never get old, and with weather that makes your heart sing, being happy in Mae Sai doesn’t take much work. A melting pot of cultures with influence from across northern Thailand, Laos and Myanmar, the opportunities for growth and unforgettable experiences are endless.

With its magical charm, Chiang Rai province is frequently visited by more adventurous travellers. But Mae Sai itself, around one hour north of Chiang Rai city, remains unpolluted by tourists. This means that the vibrant, traditional cultures of the locals has stayed strong, and we love that. If you do too, and desire a true northern Thai experience, look no further than Mae Sai.

But you will by no means be the only foreigner around, instead, you’ll be welcomed in and supported by a vibrant community of teachers from the across the world. Our fantastic partner school does require that its teachers have more experience and a passion to help students develop, but with this comes great benefits. These include lots of paid holiday and a staggeringly attractive salary that unlocks unbeatable saving potential. If you are an experienced teacher with a background in education, who wants an authentic Thai experience, and the chance to earn big whilst living somewhere with a low cost of living, Mae Sai is the place for you.

Location and Climate

Thailand is vast, varied and home to a multitude of different ethnic groups, religions, cuisines and languages. After spending a week on the beaches of the south before arriving in Mae Sai, in Chiang Rai province, you would be forgiven for thinking you had entered a completely different country.

Mae Sai town actually resides on the border with Myanmar, and the only thing keeping you from Laos is a 30-minute drive and short swim across the Mekong River. But if you’d prefer to swap the calm of the north with the buzz of Bangkok for a weekend then make your way to Chiang Rai airport, hop on a short flight and you’re there before you know it. The bus and train are also options for braver souls.

But you don’t need to head to the capital for all the fun, there’s plenty to keep you entertained closer to base. Chiang Mai, known as Thailand’s second city and a very popular tourist destination, is around five hours southwest on the bus. You’ll find everything you need, as well as fascinating history, amazing nature, delicious food, and lots of partying. Chiang Rai city is also beautiful and there are endless smaller towns for you to explore in the area.

There are three seasons in Thailand, not four. In Mae Sai you will experience overcast days and some heavy rain during the traditional summer months. The ‘cool’ season is during our winter, but that doesn’t mean you can forget the sun cream. And the hot season is from March to May, people often travel during this time to escape the heat.

Is Mae Sai Right for You?

There’s not much to dislike about Mae Sai and the job on offer. But for those who feed off the thrill of a megacity and need a nonstop pace of life to survive, it might be best to look elsewhere.

Mae Sai is for people who enjoy peace and a slower way of living. By no means boring, but less materialistic or as overstimulating as other places. Happiness in Mae Sai comes from people, making friends, colleagues and locals, eating fresh food, embracing culture, and finding joy and excitement in the nature and natural beauty that surrounds you.

And in Mae Sai your job is important, you do need to be qualified with teaching experience and a background in education. Our partner school is prestigious and attracts students from across the world, this means they require only the best and most dedicated teachers. If that’s you, and the slower but special pace of life in Mae Sai draws you in, it’s surely the right place for you.

5 Things to Do in Mae Sai

Meet Some Elephants

Visit the Golden Triangle

Grab a Coffee With a View

Temple Hop in Chiang Rai

Spend Time With the Hill Tribes

3 Must Try Foods in Mae Sai

Khao Soi

Locally Grown Coffee

Northern Thai Sausage

School Life

Unlike our other partner schools in Thailand, our partner in Mae Sai caters to students from across the world, follows an American curriculum and is Christian. You could be teaching students from the UK, US, China, Myanmar, of course Thailand, and many other countries too. This is also the case for the staff and teachers, it truly is multicultural place.

Students usually have a good level of English, are very hardworking, and behave well. This is because their parents are paying a lot of money for them to be there and they want to succeed. There is a fantastic support structure for teachers, you will be given everything you need to flourish and to help your students be the best they can be.

As well as the attractive salary and lots of paid holiday, teachers also receive four free meals a day and unlimited fruit. But to qualify for these benefits teachers must have a university degree in education. The school is looking for teachers who are committed and ideally want to stay for longer than a year, although that is the length of the initial contract and all you must commit too.

Despite the academic focus and success that is required from parents and the school, it is still very much a fun and engaging place to work. A determination for students growth and learning, and a sense of teamwork and togetherness generates a unique and special buzz around the school. This is only elevated by the brilliant facilities and stunning setting that the school finds itself in, surrounded by mountains and incredible nature.

Cost of Living

You’ll struggle to spend more than £10 a day eating out at local restaurants in Mae Sai, and the quality of food certainly won’t be lacking. Buying ingredients from the market is even cheaper, pick up locally grown vegetables, fresh eggs and more for pennies.

Sharing rent and bills with someone or a group, for a spacious house with a garden or nice apartment with a balcony, you’ll find it difficult to spend more than £200 each month. This includes rent and all your bills, including WIFI, phone data and so on. You can easily get by on a budget £400-£500 a month in Mae Sai if you’re careful.


The earning potential in Mae Sai is the best we offer in Thailand. With a starting monthly salary of over £1,300, and the possibility for that to rise to over £1,700, there’s no better opportunity to save big whilst having an incredible experience and developing as a teacher in such a beautiful place.

And not only are you rewarded financially for your dedication and hard work, but there are also 76 days of paid holiday throughout the year. With the fantastic salary you will be receiving, and being only 45 minutes from an airport, offers you the chance to travel and explore Thailand, Asia and the world.