Have you got what it takes to teach English in Thailand?

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…and discover if you’re eligible to work in Thailand, how to find a reliable teaching job and the exact steps you need to take to start your adventure safely and smoothly.

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So, whether you want to build a career in education or not, teaching in Thailand will arm you with the confidence, cultural awareness and communication skills to stand out in any industry.

But figuring out if you can legally work there and how to find a job can be hard.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you decide if Thailand will set the scene for the next chapter of your career.

  • Discover if you’re eligible to teach in the Land of Smiles – and whether you need a degree, experience or qualifications

  • Find out how to secure a reliable teaching job before you touch down in Thailand

  • Uncover the exact steps you need to take to get a work visa and how the process works

  • Learn how much money you need to kickstart your adventure and how long it will take to earn back

  • Get a glimpse of what your life and schedule will look like as an English teacher in Thailand


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