Teach English in Samut Sakhon, Thailand

Why Choose Samut Sakhon?

Less than 50km to the southwest of Bangkok and nestled in the Bay of Thailand sits Samut Sakhon. Infrequently visited by tourists but with so much to offer, this province is far more than the fishing industry and sea salt production its known for around the country. It’s a place full of culture that has played an important role in Thailand’s success.

With influences from across Asia due to its significance as a trading post in the past, Samut Sakhon is somewhere you can find delicious food and a rich history. There’s so much to explore and enjoy, from whale watching excursions to letting your hair down at a popular waterpark, there really is something for everyone is this very special place.

It may not be blessed with the same white sandy beaches as Phuket or Pattaya, but Samut Sakhon more than makes up for it with the amazing locals and proximity to not only Bangkok, but also the stunning coastline of Phetchaburi to the south.

Location wise, Samut Sakhon is perfectly positioned to explore all of Thailand. Even the north can easily be accessed by popping to Bangkok and hopping on a short flight. But why travel when there’s so much many adventures to be had in this unique province. Away from the madness of Bangkok but close enough to nip in for the weekend, Samut Sakhon delivers a true Thai experience and the opportunity to get to know the friendly locals on a deeper level, without the influence of the tourist industry and a constant pandering to the needs of Westerners.

Location and Climate

Of all Thailand’s 77 provinces, it is Samut Sakhon that lays claim to being the smallest. But it is its numerous waterways and rivers that have made it a significant player in trading, fishing and sea salt production over the years and still to this day. Although it may not be renowned for its natural beauty, the province really comes into its own at dusk, as the orange sunsets cast warm light over the captivating and rustic landscape.

Despite its beaches not being ideal for sunbathing or swimming, Samut Sakhon’s close proximity to the coast offers the opportunity to eat delicious seafood whilst enjoying a cool breeze in the constant heat that’s found throughout the country. From jumbo sized prawns to all manner of fresh fish, Samut Sakhon is heaven for anyone who loves seafood.

And when you do want to travel, there aren’t many better places to be. The Big Mango, Bangkok to you and me, is accessible by a bus that takes less than two hours and costs no more than £1. But if you do need some beach then Phetchaburi is very easy to get to, again by bus, it will only cost you around £5 and takes under five hours. If you’re in a rush though, a taxi costing £20 will get you there in less than 90 minutes. Still, there’s plenty more of Thailand and Southeast Asia to explore from the airports in Bangkok.

Enjoying the same seasons as the rest of Thailand, Samut Sakhon is home to three very different types of weather throughout the year. Wet during summer, time to buy an umbrella. Cool in winter, hot in the day but more comfortable in the evening. And extremely hot during spring, your chance to get to the beach during the longest school holiday.

Location of Samut Sakhon in Thailand
River in Samut Sakhon, Thailand
Fishermen in Samut Sakhon, Thailand

Is Samut Sakhon Right for You?

Although you may have never heard of Thailand’s smallest province, Samut Sakhon packs a punch to rival any of the country’s other 76. It is somewhere you can have a truly authentic Thai experience with the convenience of Bangkok being on your doorstep. If you are someone who seeks to immerse themselves in a way of life that’s influenced by a rich and long history, Samut Sakhon might just be the place for you.

The pace of life is not the fastest, but by no means is it the slowest in Thailand. Enjoy a perfect balance of calm and buzz as you become one of the locals, make friends and discover the Thai way of life away from tourist traps and overcrowded beaches.

Samut Sakhon welcomes anyone who has an open mind and an open heart, if this is you, then there aren’t many better places to choose as your new home.

5 Things to Do in Samut Sakhon

Find Peace in a Temple

Take a trip to Bangkok

Take a Trip to Bangkok

let loose at a waterpark in Thailand

Let Loose at a Waterpark

Watch sunset by the sea in Thailand

Watch Sunset by the Sea

Get Lost in the City

School Life

The moto at our partner school in Samut Sakhon is innovation. Teaching with themes is used to engage and motivate students, one week might focus on Thai elephants, for example. This means that every subject, from maths to science and beyond, will all be related to that theme. We think this unique idea is a fantastic way to get students focused, and you will play an important role in creating and delivering the content, making sure it’s as interesting and beneficial for your students as it can be. What an opportunity. It’s a far more fun way to teach than other more traditional methods such as working through a textbook or following a strict curriculum.

And you won’t be alone, you’ll be joining a team of over 35 foreign teachers from across the globe, new friends and the best tour guides to help you settle in. The amazing Thai staff are also incredible. Their openness and friendly nature creates a warm feeling around the school for everyone. But professionalism and hard work is the key to success, the school sets a high standard and seeks only those who are willing to do their upmost to achieve greatness in the classroom. But don’t be scared, it’s a brilliant place to work, full of playful students and great teachers.

You will be working either in the primary or secondary school with the main goal of helping your students improve their English and become more confident. This is a fantastic opportunity to make a real difference whilst you develop workplace skills that are invaluable anywhere. The majority of students are keen and eager to learn, this makes your job so much easier and walking into the classroom everyday a joy.

3 Must Try Foods in Samut Sakhon

Steamed fish dish in Samut Sakhon, Thailand

Steamed Fish

Yentafo Noodles in Samut Sakhon, Thailand

Grilled Chicken

Fried fishcakes in Samut Sakhon, Thailand

Fried Fishcakes 

Cost of Living

Coming to Thailand from the UK or another Western country is a breath of fresh air. It’s not just the delicious food and great
weather that’s a welcome change, the cost-of-living is significantly lower and means your money goes a lot further. Bangkok
and touristy areas can be expensive, but Samut Sakhon is not. Renting a one-bedroom condo and all your monthly bills are
unlikely to be more than £150. You can eat out three times a day at amazing local restaurants for less than £6, your waistline
may not appreciate this but your bank balance will. On average, Thailand is 8 to 10 times cheaper than the UK, but the salary
of a teacher is only around 2 to 3 times less, you do the maths.


Depending on the conversion rate, you’ll earn around £725 a month (33,000 THB). This may not seem like a lot, but is far more than most people across the country make, and is more than enough to live a great quality of live and save for a holiday or whatever you please.

This salary allows you the freedom to not worry about money, a privilege that most graduates in the west do not have. Extra online or in-person tutoring during your free time can be pure profit or saving. The salary of a foreign teacher in Thailand may seem low, but it’s a fantastic opportunity, especially in Phetchabun.