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What a city. What a location.

A jewel in the crown that is central Europe, Budapest is a very special place. Packed with history, culture, great food, amazing people, and the chance to live whatever life you want – Hungary’s capital city is the place to be. You could spend hours simply walking the streets, marvelling at the stunning architecture, or eating your way through a local market until you cannot face another bite.

The possibilities in Budapest are endless, and you have the chance to make it your new home.

As a teacher in this beautiful city, you will become part of an exciting team of foreign teachers and Hungarian staff who are all motivated by the same thing. Their goal is to improve their students English ability, and have fun whilst doing so. If this sounds like you, and you want to start a European adventure in 2024, you know where to go.

Will you say yes to Budapest?

Why Budapest Is Right For You…

It’s a Beautiful Place to Live

There’s a reason why millions of tourists flock from across the world to this historic city each and every year, come rain, shine, and even snow. It’s Art Nouveau style architecture and lush parks make it difficult to have a boring day in Budapest. Take a stroll by the river to watch the sunset over the Buda Hills, or grab a drink at a vibrant ruin bar in the old Jewish Quarter. Whatever you do, whatever and wherever you go, Budapest is always beautiful.

Never go Hungry in Hungary

From goulash to schnitzel, and sausages to savoury stuffed crepes. Hungarian food is an explosion of flavours, textures, and experiences that you never knew you needed. We have the sweet, smoky, and spicy notes of paprika to thank for much of that. It’s been a staple in kitchens across the country ever since the exotic spice made its appearance back in the 1800s. But don’t worry, it rarely makes its way into the wide array of Hungarian sweet treats on offer.

Be in the Heart of Europe 

You can’t get much more central than Budapest. The gorgeous countryside of Romania sits to its east. To the north you can find the exciting cities of the Czech Republic and Poland. The beautiful sandy beaches of the ex-Balkan countries can be found to the south. And the part of Europe that you and I may be more familiar with are to the west. In short, if you want to experience Europe then there is no better place to do it that Budapest. And as a teacher there, you can.

What Will I Do as a Teacher in Budapest?

You will work in a Hungarian state school – this could be in a primary, middle, or high school. You will teach a wide range of subjects, but all in English, and you will work closely alongside a Hungarian teaching partner who supports you and helps with whatever you need.

You will work regular school hours – each week, from Monday to Friday, you will teach 24 periods of 45 minutes. You are also expected to fulfil an additional 16 hours of office hours. In total this adds up to 34 hours a week. But those office hours mean you can get all your planning and marking done at school, leaving your evening and weekends free for whatever you want to do.

You could teach a wide range of students – from beginners to intermediate learners, aged 3-18, you will have the opportunity to teach them all. This is a great way to develop your teaching abilities and test yourself. But don’t worry, you will have the guidance and support of colleagues to help you succeed. Nobody is expecting you to be perfect on day one. 

You will join a large community of foreign teachers – this is something our teachers currently in Budapest love the most. They make so many friends from across the world as well as Budapest. And with so much to do there’s never a dull day, not to mention the events that the school puts on to help teachers bond and introduce them to Hungarian culture.

You will have lots of holiday – as you will be working in a state school, this means you can enjoy the same long holidays that the students do. This is a fantastic opportunity to explore the country, Europe, or do a summer camp to earn a bit of extra cash. Plus, if you are staying on then you get paid through the summer.


Budapest – 2023

“Impact Teaching made the process of applying to and interviewing for this teaching position so easy. The program in Budapest, Hungary, is really amazing and the staff are very supportive here. This is a rare opportunity to be “all in” as a teacher abroad teaching, alongside great Hungarian co-teachers at a bilingual school. The company here provides housing, immigration, and other support which lifts a lot of the stress of moving abroad. Budapest is truly an amazing city to live in and there is never a shortage of things to do and new places to see. It’s location also allows for easy day trips and weekend trips to other areas of Hungary as well as other surrounding countries!”

Cost of Living and Lifestyle

Although the cost of living in Budapest has increased in recent years, as it has across the world, it is still a very affordable place to live compared the the UK and US. There are lots of luxurious places and the touristy areas are significantly pricier, but as long as you avoid them more often than you visit, it’s possible to live on a small budget and save for your travels across the continent.

Below are some examples of how much different things cost in Budapest, using the help of our teachers in the country:

  • Sharing a flat outside of the city centre per month – £230
  • Monthly bills for your accommodation – £50
  • A meal at a delicious local restaurant – £9
  • Three course meal for two at an more expensive restaurant – £45
  • One big bottle of local beer – £2.50
  • Unlimited monthly public transport – £20

As you can see, costs such as rent and bills are very reasonable in Budapest. If you eat at local restaurants, avoiding the tourist traps, you can afford to do so a few times a week, all that delicious Hungarian food. And going out socially costs significantly less than it would in London, for example. To unlock a great quality of life in Budapest, become a teacher in the city.


Program Fee – £500 (£420 if you already have a TEFL certificate)

Visa and Insurance (estimate) – £200

Flights (from UK – estimate) – £50


£1,000 a Month (estimate)


If you’ve made it to this section of the page then you must be serious about choosing Budapest as the place for your next adventure. We would love to be the ones who help you get there, but there are some requirements that must be considered before applying, we don’t want to disappoint anyone so it’s better to lay everything out on the table.

We are directed by the rules and regulations of the Hungarian government, we really hope these requirements apply to you so that we can begin your journey to the Pearl of the Danube.


  • Graduate from the UK, the US, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand or Australia
  • Have a university degree (any subject is ok – and final year students can apply)
  • Hold a clean background check
  • Have completed a TEFL before arriving in Hungary (we can help you get one)

You don’t need any teaching experience or knowledge of the Hungarian language.

  • In country support from our team who have all lived and taught abroad before

  • Our full guidance and experience through the complicated visa process, never feel overwhelmed or stressed

Your Investment

So you’ve decided that you want to make Budapest your new home as a teacher in the amazing city, good choice. But there are a few start up costs that are important to consider as you start your journey to a life in Hungary’s capital. One of those costs is our fee, that make it all possible. To be fully transparent, we have laid out what exactly that fee gets you, and what we will do to make your adventure go as smoothly possible.

What does our £500 fee get you?

  • A safe and legal placement at a trusted and vetted school in Budapest
  • Help obtaining a residence permit as a teacher in Budapest
  • Three weeks of training when you first arrive in Budapest in August
  • An internationally recognised 120h TEFL course that unlocks teaching opportunities across the world (£80 discount if you already have one)
  • Priceless online and in person training sessions where we’re joined by alumni members who have been there and done it
  • An orientation day on July 27th in central London where you’ll meet us, but more importantly your fellow teachers

What’s Next?

If you’ve decided that Budapest is right for you, and you’re right for it, then click here to submit your CV along with a cover letter

We’ll have a 30-minute video call to discuss options and your background, if all goes well, you can get excited as we get to work

Now you can sit back, relax, and get ready for your adventure while we find your perfect school and get the ball rolling

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