Why travel to Trat, Thailand?

Why Choose Trat?

Millions of tourists flock to Thailand’s beautiful beaches every year. Phuket, Pattaya and Krabi are some of the most popular options – but have you ever heard of Trat? Nestled in the far east of Thailand, right on the border with Cambodia, this gorgeous province offers golden sand and crystal clear water without the hordes of red and white skinned people dotted on sunbeds across waterfront.

With a unique and interesting culture that’s heavily influenced by its proximity to Cambodia and many Chinese immigrants, Trat is somewhere you can explore the ‘real’ Thailand. From beaches to mountains, Trat is blessed with incredible natural beauty and wildlife. It’s a place for adventure and relaxation, away from the madness of Bangkok while only being a short one hour flight from the capital of the country.

Trat’s coastline boasts a total of 52 large and small islands, many of which you can visit. Koh Chang, the largest of those islands and a national park, is the perfect weekend getaway for anyone who wants to spend their time chilling on the beach or exploring one of the many waterfalls. The province has an abundance of fresh and delicious seafood, with some very special dishes that are difficult to find in other parts of the country. It is also well known for growing all manner of fruits that you can enjoy as you watch the sunset over the Gulf of Thailand.

But life for a Westerner can still be very comfortable, whilst enjoying an experience full of culture and amazing people in an incredible place, with a very special opportunity to make new friends and create memories that last a lifetime.

Location and Climate

To accompany all of those gorgeous beaches is of course the stunning Thai weather. The three distinct seasons found across Thailand might not be what your used to, but are definitely worth preparing for.

Most Thais favourite time comes around during what we might call the winter, temperatures are generally cooler but it’s still far hotter than an average English summer. You may need to chuck on a thin jumper at night but suncream and hats are still a must during the day. Following the cool season, in spring, is the hottest time of the year. Daily highs often topples 40°, expect your energy bill to be slightly higher during these few months. But luckily, in Trat, your right next to ocean to cool off. This is also when schools have their longest holiday and you have the chance to travel. Rainy season comes around during what we know as summer. Downpours are heavy but generally short, and after an hour of so of sun, everything is dry again. Humidity can be high but the cooler temperatures are definitely a relief after the hot season.

With its proximity to Cambodia and Vietnam, Trat is the perfect place base from which to explore all of Southeast Asia. You are welcomed by the opportunity of endless adventures as you cross the border, but there’s so much of Thailand to explore first. From Pattaya all the way down the east coast to Trat, you are blessed with options for weekend getaways by the beach. But if you want some big city madness, a night bus or short flight will land you in Bangkok, which you can use as a ticket to the rest of Thailand or stick around to soak up the beautiful chaos of the Big Mango.

Beach in Trat, Thailand
River in Trat, Thailand

Is Trat Right for You?

Trat is a very unique and special place. It’s perfect for those who want to live a slower pace of life, somewhere to grow into the person you want to be without superficial or materialistic pressures interfering. The incredible natural beauty and friendly locals instantly make you realize that this is somewhere you could be very happy.

And although it’s easy to get to, the frenetic energy of Bangkok does not have much influence down on the calm beaches or up in the serene mountains of Trat. So if you are someone who wants to get lost in culture, nature and immerse yourself completely, there aren’t many places.

Adventurers are always welcome, but kindness, acceptance and an open mind are essential. Trat is somewhere that deserves to be respected and valued, if you are willing to do that then it will invite you in with open arms.

5 Things to Do in Trat

Beautiful beaches in Trat, Thailand

Enjoy Beautiful Beaches

taste fruit in Trat, Thailand

Taste Delicious Local Fruits

Hike up a mountain, in Thailand

Hike up a Mountain

Explore forests in Thailand

Explore Ancient Forests

Travelling to Cambodia from Thailand

Visit Cambodia

School life in Trat, Thailand

School Life

In Trat, you will have the very special opportunity to become part of a traditional Thai state school. From the morning flag raise as the national anthem blares out across the playground, followed by paying respect to the king and Buddha, it’s a truly unique and valuable experience to whiteness firsthand how the majority of Thai people form their beliefs and receive their education.

The local teachers at are our partner school in Trat are welcoming and will accept you as one of their own, expect snacks and food to appear on your desk when you least expect it, especially during festivals. The warmth they emit will make you feel at home instantly, if you work hard and show an interest in learning about their culture, your relationship with them will only grow and blossom into something very special. They’re always willing to help you with anything work related, and many of them will be eager to show you around the town, they’re the best people to go to for restaurant recommendations.

Similarly, the students at our partner school are a joy. Their English ability will vary a lot and you may have some classes in which you can have complex debates, and others where you struggle to get a simple sentence from them. But a common theme is their enthusiasm to learn and excitement about you being their teacher. Of course, this may not apply to every single student, but it is a safe generalization to make. Most will be very interested in you, make you feel welcome and want to get to know you.

3 Must Try Foods in Trat

Grilled bananas in Thailand

Grilled Bananas

Crab fried rice in Thailand

Crab Fried Rice

Grilled cuttlefish in Thailand

Grilled Cuttlefish

Cost of Living

Just like the rest of Thailand, the cost-of-living in Trat is low. But actually, Trat it is one of the cheapest places in the whole country. If you eat out at local restaurants multiple times a day and cook using ingredients bought from the market then you can easily feed yourself for less than £8 a day. A one bedroom condo and all your bills are unlikely to set you back more than £150 a month. Travel and accommodation can also be done very cheaply, if you do it the Thai way that is. There’s so much to explore in Trat on a small budget as you save for whatever big trip you have planned.

Cost of living in Trat, Thailand


Depending on the conversion rate, you’ll earn around £750 a month (35,000 THB). On first glance you may be shocked at that number, but when you factor in the low cost-of-living and realize that it’s a brilliant salary in Thailand, things become a bit different. If you are sensible with your money then it’s never something you’ll have to worry about in Thailand, this is one of the many fantastic things about living and working in this wonderful country. Living and spending like a local will not only provide a far more rich and rewarding experience, but it means you could be able to save a few hundred pounds each month.