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Iconic for a reason, Vietnam is known across the world as a place where peace and joy can be found. But it’s delectable food, magical scenery, and stunning weather are just the start.

The gurgling of moped engines and honking horns as colours cascade from the setting sun, while you perch on a plastic stool that is far too small, the smell of the grill and your steaming pho in front of you – create an atmosphere so authentic and unreplicable that you will never be the same again.

Travelling in Vietnam is a great option, passing through as a tourist. But choosing to make it your home as a teacher in the country enables you to create a bond with the country, the people, and the culture, so strong that it will never be broken.

So, fancy giving it a go?

Why Vietnam Is Right For You…

Unrivalled Natural Beauty

With over 3,000 km of pristine coastline, Vietnam is the perfect place for anyone who loves the sea. You’re never too far from the ocean and the delicious seafood it provides, sunbathe and swim to your hearts content. But head inland and you are welcomed by an enormous variety of breathtaking landscapes. From mountains to jungle, and waterfalls to bays that will leave you lost for words, Vietnam is home to some of the most beautiful places on our earth.

The Best Food in the World

Sitting number one on Gordon Ramsay’s list of world cuisines is the quite the compliment. The world renowned chef eats at restaurants that we’d struggle to get a reservation at, but it is Vietnamese food that he claims to be the best. It’s aromatic flavours influenced by French, Chinese, and Southeast Asian cooking take your tastebuds on a journey of discovery. From banh mi to pho, and spring rolls to crispy pancakes, there’s no end to the delight.

Amazing Culture and People  

Despite the wonders on offer throughout Vietnam, it is it’s people and their fascinating culture that travellers and expats remember with warmth and passion. To say the country has been through a lot is an understatement. But despite this, Vietnamese people are friendly and open. You will not go through one day without receiving smiles and an energy that leaves you feeling like this is a place where you belong, and want to stay.

What Will I Do as a Teacher in Vietnam?

You’ll be working in a private school – this means that your students will be motivated and enthusiastic on the most part. Your working environment has been designed and tweaked to allow you to flourish as a teacher, and your students to get the most from their time at school. Working in a private school does however mean that standards are high, and parents expect only the best for your students. That will come in the form of your high value as a native English-speaker and your passion to improve your students abilities whilst making your lessons fun.

You’ll be working an unfamiliar schedule – most of your working hours will be in the evenings on weekdays and during the day on weekends, but you will always get two days off each week. Students come after their day at regular school, whether that be state or private, and seek to get ahead with their English. This schedule does seem very alien but it works for many of our teachers who embrace the time during the day to further their skills such as speaking Vietnamese, vlogging, or cooking.

You’ll have the opportunity for promotions and training – this is one of the most exciting things about working in Vietnam. The schools that we work with are keen on fast-tracking successful teachers into more senior roles with greater responsibilities. Whether you want to teach long term or not, thus us a fantastic opportunity to improve your CV and gain a variety of work experience.

You’ll be teaching small classes – expect around twenty students in each of your classes, as well as your co-teacher who is there to support and guide you if needed. Small class sizes means that communicating with each and every student is very possible, a privilege not all teachers have. Having extra time for your students means you can build strong relationships and help them with specific aspects of their English. Your students will be aged between 3 and 17, with a wide variety of English ability, in classes arranged to reflect that.

You’re unlikely to face classroom management issues – due to the prestigious nature of the schools and small class sizes, students are not in a position to misbehave. Parents do not accept students disrupting the classes learning, so the school makes sure it is not an issue. But you will be advised if anything problematic does arise, children will always be children.

You’ll be part of an awesome team – the Vietnamese teachers at your school will be incredibly passionate and usually very experienced. This is a real blessing and a fantastic opportunity for you to learn. But their support stretches further than simply academic matters, getting you settled and secure in your new home will be their top priority. Take advantage of their local knowledge to find the best spots to eat, dance, and whatever else you might enjoy.


Bien Hoa – 2022

“Impact Teaching helped me find a job in Vietnam’s biggest and most prestigious language centre. They gave me helpful information and tips about the interview, I was about to have all the support I needed. I highly recommend this agency as it’s reliable, quick to respond to any of your concerns and made moving to another country really easy!”

Cost of Living and Lifestyle

Vietnam is notorious for being cheap, at least compared to the cost of living in the UK and US. But with cheapness does not come a lack of quality. Renting a modern apartment, travelling on state of the art public transport, and eating the best food does not break the bank. A foreign teachers salary in Vietnam is significantly higher than the average wage, this puts you in the fortunate position of being able to live a great quality of life and save for whatever trips you have planned, or for the future.

Below are some examples of how much different things cost in Bien Hoa, using the help of our teachers in the country:

  • One bedroom flat in the city centre per month – £180
  • Monthly bills for your accommodation – £35
  • A meal at a delicious local restaurant – £1.60
  • Three course meal for two at an more expensive restaurant – £20
  • One big bottle of local beer – 50p
  • Unlimited monthly public transport – £6

You can get away with living the highlife in Vietnam, and you will see your funds damaged slightly, but not much. But if you eat and live like the locals then you are capable of saving around half of your salary each month. That’s around £6,000 a year. If that’s not enough to convince you that Vietnam is a great option, I don’t know what will.


Program Fee – £530 (£450 if you already have a TEFL certificate)

Visa and Insurance (estimate) – £300

Flights (from UK – estimate) – £400


£1,100 a Month (estimate)


Now you know what all the hype is about, let’s see if you fit the requirements set by the Vietnamese government for teachers in their country.

In the past, the bar was lower. A TEFL certificate and a degree would qualify you as the perfect candidate. But unfortunately this has changed, we are working to find ways around this but can only work with the rules dictated to us. We must do so to ensure everything is safe and legal.

Hopefully these requirements apply to you, as we want to help you on your Vietnamese adventure, see below for more details.


  • Hold a passport from the UK, US, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa
  • Have a university degree (any subject is ok – and final year students can apply)
  • Hold a clean background check
  • One year full time teaching experience OR a CELTA/TESOL with an in class component

You don’t need any knowledge of the Vietnamese language.

If these requirements do not apply to you but you are keen to teach in Asia, please consider our China and Thailand programs.

  • In country support from our team who have all lived and taught abroad before

  • Our full guidance and experience through the complicated visa process, never feel overwhelmed or stressed

Your Investment

If you’re reading this then I’m sure you’re ready to start your adventure in Vietnam, but let’s first talk about how much it’s all going to cost. Despite the great financial benefits once you’ve got to Vietnam and started working, there are a few outgoings to consider. One of those is our fee, which makes everything happen. We’ve laid out what exactly that fee gets you, and what we will do to make sure your journey goes as smoothly possible.

What does our £530 fee get you?

  • A safe and legal placement at a trusted and vetted school in Vietnam
  • Help obtaining a work visa
  • An internationally recognised 120h TEFL course that unlocks teaching opportunities across the world (£80 discount if you already have one)
  • Priceless online and in person training sessions where we’re joined by alumni members who have been there and done it
  • An orientation day on July 27th in central London where you’ll meet us, but more importantly your fellow teachers

What’s Next?

If you’ve decided that Vietnam is right for you, and you’re right for it, then click here to submit your CV along with a cover letter

We’ll have a 30-minute video call to discuss options and your background, if all goes well, you can get excited as we get to work

Now you can sit back, relax, and get ready for your adventure while we find your perfect school and get the ball rolling

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