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Slap bang in the centre of Europe, bordering seven countries, there aren’t many better places to be than Poland in 2024. Brimming with history and culture whilst stepping confidently into the future, Poland is an exciting country to call home. And with amazing cities as well as areas of natural beauty, you’ll never be short of places to visit. But if you do fancy a change – Berlin, Prague, and the rest of Europe is just a stone’s throw away.

Although prices are rising across the world, Poland remains cheap in comparison to the UK and US. This means you can live a great quality of life as a teacher in the country.

Polish people are fun and friendly, and there are vibrant expat communities in every city, from Gdansk in the north to Krakow in the south. Only as a teacher in Poland can you meet these wonderful people and make the most of all the incredible country has to offer.

Are you ready to start your Polish adventure?

Why Poland Is Right For You…

Super Social Life

Whether you prefer to sip a local beer in a cosy bar, or dance the night away at some of the best nightlife spots in Europe, Poland has it all. And there’s plenty of other activities to do that don’t involve alcohol. From your colleagues at school to the strangers you meet in the street, you’ll get to know so many friendly Polish people. And feel right at home with all the expat communities from every corner of the world.

Endless Travel Opportunities

Poland is in the heart of Europe. And as a teacher in the country, don’t worry about visas across the continent. Germany, the Czech Republic, and Hungary are easily accessible by train. No need to board a flight for a long weekend in Budapest, Munich, or Vienna. But if you do fancy some beach – Croatia, Italy, and Albania aren’t far away. And don’t forget all the beautiful cities and countryside throughout Poland itself.

Great Schools 

We only work with the best schools in Poland, and we prioritise communication and transparency when we speak with them. To maintain high standards and teacher satisfaction, we speak regularly and visit our partner schools often. Because of this, we can’t speak highly enough of them. They are fantastic, warm, and fun places to work – with a focus on the growth and development of students and teachers.

Two young learners at a Montessori primary school in Poznan

What Will I Do as a Teacher in Poland?

You’ll be part of a fantastic team – we have visited many of our partner schools in Poland, and we always leave impressed, satisfied, and excited for our teachers to work there. The Polish staff are very focussed and passionate, whilst also being open, kind, and understanding. The schools have a real warmth and community feel, this comes from the people that work there. And from Chileans to Zimbabweans, and Filipinos to Brits, the international teachers we have met are all great.

You’ll speak English with your students and colleagues – our partner schools in Poland are at the forefront of education in country. This means that students learn English at a high level from a young age, all of the classes that you deliver with your co-teacher will be in English. And also, when you go for that warming cup of coffee, tea, or coco on a chilly day in the staffroom, you will be able to speak with all of your colleagues in English. But we think it’s great if you can do your best to learn some Polish too.

You’ll work with a small class – within cosy and well equipped classrooms you will work with your co-teacher to deliver fun and engaging activities with small classes. Usually you will stick with one class throughout the year, but occasionally you may cover others. behavioural issues are few and far between, and they are dealt with in a thoughtful and forward thinking manner.

You are expected to be focussed and motivated – our partner schools are driven by a desire to provide the best possible environment for children to learn. Because of this, they expect all of their staff to be focused on the same mission. This is part of the reason they are so successful, and why we are happy to call them our partners.

If you are reading this then there’s a good chance that you have what it takes. But it is important to us that we only provide schools with teachers who are willing to work their hardest and learn, by no means are they expecting polished and perfect teachers, but caring about the students and the passion to help them is necessary.

You’ll start work in the autumn, or possibly spring – the school terms in Poland are similar to those followed in the UK and US, the school year begins in the early autumn. But our partner schools prefer to plan ahead, as do we. They will often start looking to fill positions for the autumn at the beginning of the year, and they will only hire in spring if they have to. What this means is that it’s best to apply as early as possible, but we will accept applications throughout the summer and make sure we find something suitable for you.

You’ll have time to travel during the holidays – although the Montessori schools that we work with are private, they do close for holidays. This provide you with time to explore your city, the country, and the whole of Europe. It’s very cold and often snows during the winter, maybe you could go skiing. The summers in Poland are very warm, travel abroad for the beach or enjoy all the beautiful spots across Poland.

Some of the Many Cities We Offer…



Warsaw – 2022

“Impact Teaching is good with helping you find work and getting through the visa process. They also are good with helping you find places to make friends and find things to do in your city. Arnold was very supportive with helping me transition into Warsaw; following through on my documentation for my taxes, school, and further legalization of stay. On their Youtube, their are many helpful guides to assist potential teachers. I would strongly recommend this organization to anyone thinking about teaching in Poland!”


With all the benefits that living and working in Poland brings, it’s no wonder so many people want to make it their new home. However, there are rules set by the Polish government that we must follow to ensure all the legal requirements for a working visa are met.

Please see the requirements below. We want to help everyone begin a new in Poland, so we hope these apply to you and we can assist you on your journey to one of Europe’s most exciting countries.


  • Hold a passport from a country where English is the official language
  • Have a university degree (any subject is ok – and final year students can apply)
  • Hold a clean background check
  • Teaching experience is preferred, especially for kindergarten and primary school placements. Those without teaching experience can still apply. If you don’t have teaching experience, you’re most likely placement would be working 1-1 with adults
  • A TEFL certificate is preferred but not essential for those with teaching experience. If you don’t have teaching experience yet, a TEFL certificate  is essential, and we can help you get one

You don’t need any knowledge of the Polish language.


Warsaw – 2021

“I became part of a network of teachers in Poland, which involved being part of groupchats, zoom calls and then actually spending nearly all of my time with them when I arrived in Warsaw! This was very important to me from a social point of view, but also meant that other teachers could suggest jobs for you that they don’t have time for. Overall, I wouldn’t have made the move to Poland without the help of Impact Teaching – especially post-Brexit, the help with visas has been invaluable, as well as the social side where you can meet many likeminded teachers 🙂 Being able to talk with previous teachers was also really helpful and answered any remaining questions I had.”

Cost of Living and Lifestyle

Poland used to be one of the cheapest countries in Europe to visit, and it still is to some extent, especially for those coming from the UK. In recent years however, the cost of living in Poland has increased, but do not let this deter you. The salary of a foreign teacher in Poland is still more than enough to live a great quality of life and save enough to travel.

Below are some examples of how much different things cost in Krakow, using the help of our teachers in the country:

  • Sharing a flat outside of the city centre per month – £300
  • Monthly bills for your accommodation – £80
  • A meal at a delicious local restaurant – £7
  • Dinner for two at an more expensive restaurant – £35
  • One big bottle of local beer – £2.50
  • Unlimited monthly public transport – £30

Krakow is one of the more expensive cities in Poland, not quite as much as Warsaw but not far off. Still, you can see that the cost of living vs a foreign teachers salary allows for a lots of fun activities and all those European trips you’ve always planned.


Program Fee – £630 (£550 if you already have a TEFL certificate)

Visa and Insurance (estimate) – £200

Flights (from UK – estimate) – £50


£1,000 a Month (estimate)

  • Our full support and experience through the complicated visa process, never feel overwhelmed or stressed

Your Investment

The costs of getting to Poland are a lot more manageable than some of our other programs, this is another reason it’s so appealing. But I’m sure you are wondering what we do for the fee attached, let us tell you and explain all the benefits that working with an agency brings.

What does our £630 fee get you?

  • A safe and legal placement at a trusted and vetted school in Poland
  • Assistance in obtaining a type – D visa
  • An internationally recognised 120h TEFL course that unlocks teaching opportunities across the world (£80 discount if you already have one)
  • Priceless online and in person training sessions where we’re joined by alumni members who have been there and done it
  • An orientation day on July 27th in central London where you’ll meet us, but more importantly your fellow teachers
  • In country support from our team who have all lived and taught abroad before

What’s Next?

If you’ve decided that Poland is right for you, and you’re right for Poland, then click here to submit your CV along with a cover letter

We’ll have a 30-minute video call to discuss options and your background, if all goes well, you can get excited as we get to work

Now you can sit back, relax, and get ready for your adventure while we find your perfect school and get the ball rolling

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