Meet Hannah!


She is one of our fantastic new teachers, who has swapped Australia for Wuhan. We can’t wait to hear and see how she gets on. She’s going to be a regular here, so keep checking in for her blogs about life and teaching in China.


But enough from me, over to Hannah…



“My name is Hannah,

…I am British, now 25 years old and have been lucky enough to travel a fair amount in those years. I have lived in a few different countries so far, though for a couple of different reasons.

Education-wise my background is mainly history-focused. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by the way other people live and experience the world around us; be that in historic settings, or modern cultures in different places. Perhaps this is where my want to travel and live in as many different places, and indulge in as many cultures as I can, comes from! In reflection of that, my BA is in Ancient History and Egyptology.

After taking a quick year out to finalise some other life things (such as getting my driver’s license), I got my teaching qualification. A PGCE for those reading from the UK – in secondary level history. It was also during that life-sorting year that I got my TEFL certification.

I had also done a little volunteering with my old secondary school’s SENCO team to make sure that I liked being in the education environment as the responsible adult figure – something I still struggle to think of myself as on occasion! It was about a fortnight after I graduated with my PGCE that I was offered my first job teaching abroad in Hong Kong.


Everyone has a personal reason for moving to China.

…For me, this reason is a culmination of my love of history, my want to engage in cultures as different to mine as possible, my education, and a cultural exchange opportunity. I have been intrigued by cultures other than my own for as long as I can remember, and this seems to have manifested in both my love of history and as wanting to live in those other cultures, absorbing them as much as humanly possible where I can.”






Great stuff from Hannah. Keep an eye out for her future blogs for a real insight about what it’s like being a teacher in China.


But if you’re already to begin your teaching journey, just like Hannah, then apply today with the link below.