By Christien Turner, Teacher in Wuhan

My name is Christien, and I have decided to work and live in Wuhan, China. The main reason for wanting to work in China is to do something completely different and out of my comfort zone. China seemed like the perfect choice! I can’t wait to travel and experience the wonderful food!

Flying to China & getting a green code

  • UK to Paris flight time – 11:50AM 22nd September 2021
  • Airline – Airfrance

You will need to book a Covid test 7 days and 48 hours prior to flight, as well as a covid test in your lay over city (in my case Paris).

You can book your 7-day PCR test at any legal registered clinic in the UK. Here’s a Chinese government site with more information on this:

The test I booked was a Fit to Fly PCR test which cost £59.

You also need to book your 48-hour iGm and PCR test at a designated Institution chosen by the Chinese Embassy. Here’s a Chinese government site with more information on this:

The test I booked was China Standard PCR Test and COVID Antibody IgG/IgM Venous this cost £249.

You need to book your PCR test + Antibody test (IgM) in your lay over city, this was Paris for me:

You will need to have a flight booked and will need to enter those details on the page. There is only one testing site at the airport.

The test I booked was a PCR test + Antibody test (IgM) and costs €285.

Once I received my 48-hour test results from a Chinese designated institution, around 22:30 on the 21st September, I uploaded these to the Chinese Health Declaration website:

 Tips on managing this process

My main advice for people is to be prepared, make sure you know exactly what needs to be done and you have all booking confirmations for your tests. As easy as it is to say but try and relax, if you have done everything that is needed of you there shouldn’t be any issues.

Things to upload to get your Green Code

  1. 7 Day nucleic acid test (PCR)
  2. 48 Hour Test (PCR & iGm) N- protein if needed due to positive iGm
  3. Passport (It asks for proof of residence in the UK which I also uploaded my passport again)
  4. 7 Day Personal Health Monitoring Form:
  5. Visa
  6. Travel Itinerary

Once uploaded my green code came back within 1-2 hours. Don’t panic if it doesn’t come back around this time.

Screenshot your UK – Paris Health Declaration Code to upload when you apply for your Paris – China Health Declaration Code. May not have been necessary but just in case as it does expire by the time you fly from Paris.

That is all you must do for the first health code.

I arrived 2-3 hours before my flight and to my surprise, the airport was very empty.

Checking in

The process of checking in your bags is straightforward; checked baggage is 23kg but you can pay €40 for extra. Carry on was 5kg but they didn’t check. If you pay for this keep receipt as China Southern Airlines needs to see the receipt for proof. Extra leg room for the China Airlines flight will have to be purchased in Paris.

Documents I needed for check in.

  1. Passport
  2. Health QR Code (Live version not a screenshot)
  3. Travel Itinerary
  4. 48-hour test result
  5. Proof of test in Paris

You can show an electronic copy or paper version– I printed off the above just in case they needed to keep one which they didn’t.

Once checked in, head to security and then fly to Paris!

My Experience

During your process of booking tests, you may be added to different WeChat group chats. I found to take these all with a pinch of salt, a lot of people offer advice and guidance which is great but realised this is how rumours start and the information is not 100% correct. If you hear something that can affect you, I recommend getting in touch with your contact in China and even try to contact the Chinese officials in London.

If I had to offer advice to anyone who’s going through this stressful time it would be talk to someone who is going through the same, make connections and go through this together. If you don’t know anyone who’s flying to China, you can all drop me a WeChat and I’d be more than happy help you through the process. I know how helpful it was having someone to double check things with.

The next step? Learn more about our China program or send in an application if you’re ready to take the leap.