We’re excited to offer a teaching program in Hungary. As one of Europe’s most exciting cities, Budapest is known as ‘the Paris of the East’.

Located in the heart of central Europe, Budapest is a stone’s throw from the Mediterranean. More affordable countries like Romania and Albania sit to its east. To its west are more frequently visited countries such as Italy and the Czech Republic. Given this, your travel opportunities as a teacher in Budapest are endless.

A year-long teaching contract offers you the chance to make this your base in Europe. You’ll live like a local, whilst using your skills as a native English speaker to serve others and make a difference.

In this article, we’ll tell you why we think Budapest may be a great option for you.


Hungarian girls at a bar in Budapest

People you meet and work with

We work with a local organisation that encourages international exchange through offering classes in both Hungarian and English. You could teach at a kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools and high schools across Budapest.

There are 100 English teachers on the program, meaning you’ll be side by side with people in exactly the same boat. You’ll get to know them throughout the year, and have the opportunity to make friends.

It all starts with 3 weeks of training in August. After this,  there are then events such as a Christmas party and a teacher award show. In addition, there’s a ‘Family Day’, where foreign teachers meet students and their families.

Hungarian people are great, and you’ll be fully immersed in the local culture by working in a state school. You will work alongside a Hungarian teaching partner all day. That means that while these schools are international in their outlook, there are of course strong Hungarian influences as well.

It is well known and has been confirmed by our teachers that Hungarians tend to communicate in a blunt and direct way. However this is something you get used to, and at least you always know where you stand.

Hungary and especially Budapest is a great option for foreign teachers. Teaching English in Hungary is an adventure full of cultural differences, that are considerable compared with back home, but not so significant as to be overwhelming.


Affordability in Budapest

Euro coins and notes laid out The pay on this program is 445,000 forint per month (approximately $1250/ £960). From this salary, the program pays for your apartment and a local travel and convenience card that’s topped up every month.

Tthe rest (265,000 forint, approximately $740/ £575) is paid into your bank account.  And as the program takes care of your housing, you don’t need to worry about finding something yourself. This means there is no risk of being overcharged as a foreigner in the city, and your utility bills are paid for as well.

The cost of living in Hungary is generally quite low, on a teacher’s salary you can live a great quality of life and travel. For example, a 6-hour train journey from Budapest to Prague in the Czech Republic costs less than $50 (or £37). A meal in a restaurant costs 4000 forint ($11 or £8.5), so it won’t hurt to grab a bite every now and then.

Our program is initially a one-year contract, but many teachers love living in Hungary so much and decide to stay. This underscores how affordable it is, and that a teacher’s salary is more than enough to live well.


Ease: a comprehensive program

Hungarian kids smiling in the forestWe cooperate with an established local organisation that helps with many aspects of your life in Hungary.

On day one, you are picked up from the airport when you arrive. You may spend a week or so in an Airbnb that the program pays for at the start. After this, you move into an apartment that’s all sorted for you, with rent and all utility bills covered.

The program ensures you obtain a residence permit as an English teacher. You need to bring a number of documents such as your degree, TEFL certificate and background check for the application. We’ll direct you on this to ensure you have all the needed paperwork in place to work legally.

When you start work at your school, you’ll teach all of your classes alongside a Hungarian teaching partner. This means you always have someone that speaks the local language by your side to support you. Within each school, there is also a contact person who is specifically responsible for the welfare and support of the foreign teachers. Given this level of support, you should never hesitate to ask for help when you need it.

Working in a Hungarian state school, you get to be part of all the fun and cultural events that take place. An example is Farsang in late February. Farsang is a time of fun and feasting, traditionally aimed at chasing winter away and inviting spring in with laughter and joy. Hungarians eat a lot of doughnuts and have fancy dress parties during this period, which sounds great to us!

You are also paid for all of your time off during Hungarian national holidays.



Teaching abroad is a fantastic experience that combines a rewarding, meaningful job with an authentic, cultural immersion and the chance to live like a local.

Our teaching program in Hungary offers countless travel opportunities, and having a base in the heart of it enables you to explore it all.

Our program is a complete package that offers you a job, assistance obtaining a residence permit in Hungary, and ongoing support. You will be working alongside a group of like-minded people on the same program, so you’ll have future friends to share the experience with.

We’re really excited to run this program and would love to help you explore it. If Budapest sounds like it’s for you then get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you, and don’t hesitate to shoot any questions in our direction.


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