The fast-track teaching program that helps travel-ready grads, ambitious professionals and aspiring teachers secure a reliable teaching placement in Vietnam.

Finding a job, getting a visa, and settling into your new home has never been easier. On this start-to-finish support program, you’ll get the full attention of our teach abroad experts, who’ll guide you from application to arrival so you can start making the most of your adventure from day one.

Girl enjoying teaching a class in Vietnam

We know what it’s like…

…to catch the travel bug, be itching to explore, and try something completely new, but not know where to start. Well, that’s exactly what we’re here to help you do.

We set up Impact Teaching to create valuable opportunities for meaningful, career-boosting travel.

Working with schools, training centers and organizations across Asia, we connect adventure-seeking grads, teachers and young professionals like you with life-changing experiences that take you where you need to go in safe hands.



The Vietnam Teaching Program

The Vietnam Teaching Program is a start-to-finish placement service that transports you from career stress to teaching success. Taking care of everything from securing a job to settling into your new city, it allows you to focus on enhancing your resume, meeting amazing people and having an all-round awesome time—because that’s what it should be about, right? It helps you:

Secure a legal job

you know—the kind that earns you up to $1400 per month, comes with the right visa and won’t get you deported.

Bag a professional certification

that’ll give you the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to walk into the classroom with your head held high.

Make new friends

with people who, just like you, are adventurous, awesome and ready to embark on something new.

Gain skills and confidence

to set you apart and have you heading back home a more well-rounded professional ready to take the job market by storm.

Immerse yourself in Vietnam

and gain kick-ass cultural knowledge that’ll help you settle into your new city, make friends, and lifelong memories.

Feel at home in a flash

and start making the most of your adventure from the day you enrol—say goodbye to pre-flight freakouts.



Your placement

You’ll teach oral English to groups of around twenty students at a local private school for 80 hours per month. The school provides teaching materials, so you just need to pack bundles of energy and enthusiasm.

Your schedule

Most of your classes will take place during the late afternoon and evening on weekdays and during the daytime on weekends. You’ll get two days off each week, on certain weekdays.

Your students

You’ll work with a range of age groups and abilities, from beginners to intermediate learners aged between 3 and 17. As an after-school class, you’ll find most students want to be there, and their behavior reflects that.

Your salary

Your salary will depend on how many hours you work each month, reaching up to $1400 per month. But whatever your schedule is like, you can rest assured you’ll earn enough to live, explore and save.


Choose Your Destination



Your adventure includes…

We’re here to make your journey run smoothly, from application to arrival—and everything after that. To start you off on the right foot with a cost-effective, time-saving and unforgettable experience, the Vietnam Teaching Program includes:

120-hour TEFL course

No experience? No problem. A 120-hour online TEFL course will get you thinking like a teacher and equip you with the skills and confidence you need to enter the classroom with your head held high.

Full visa application guidance

Get things right the first time with step-by-step guides and assistance that take you smoothly from saying yes to the job to hello to your visa. Trust us—we’ll save you time, energy, and a whole lotta hassle.

A full-time teaching placement

Whether you’re currently qualified or not, our UK-based team and in-country partner will find you a well-paid teaching position lasting 12 months or longer in the city of your choice.

Start-to-finish support

From the highs to the lows, we get what it’s like to live and teach in Asia. You’ll receive unlimited support from our advisors, who are here to answer questions, give advice and solve problems along the way.

Access to a community

You’ll join a vibrant cohort of teachers who’ll be with you through every twist and turn, helping you adjust, settle in and make friends from the get-go.


It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3… and 4…

We’re all about keeping things simple, which is why our application process is designed to get your adventure underway in just 4 steps.

Step 1

Choose your program

Read up on the program. Got questions? Let us know: we’re here to help!

Step 2

Send us your application

Craft your cover letter, upload your CV and answer a few simple questions.

Step 3

Chat to us

Jump on a 30-minute call and tell us about you, your goals and when you want to go.

Step 4

Sign up

Submit your enrolment form and pay the program fee. Then… you’re all set!


Who we’re looking for

While we’d love to help everyone who wants to launch a career in Vietnam, we’ve gotta follow the rules. So, as Vietnam work permit laws state, this program is only open to applicants who:

English speakers from the UK, Ireland, US, New Zealand, Australia, Canada or South Africa

Hold at least a bachelors degree (in any subject)

Complete a TEFL course before arrival in Vietnam

Have received an internationally-recognized vaccine

Have the funds to pay for the program and associated costs


Check the course dates and deadline

Start your teaching adventure on the first of every month of the year. Just make sure to check the application deadline first.

Program Start Date Application Deadline
01/09/2024 01/06/2024
01/12/2024 01/09/2024
01/03/2025 01/12/2024


What’s included?

If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that you should never have to pay to work. And with us you won’t have to; but, to be able to offer the support, guidance, training, and resources we’re known for, we require all participants to pay a program service fee.

Already have a TEFL

A safe and legal placement at a trusted and vetted school in Vietnam

Help obtaining a work visa

Priceless online and in person training sessions where we’re joined by alumni members who have been there and done it

An orientation day on July 27th in central London where you’ll meet us, but more importantly your fellow teachers

Start-to-finish support


Don’t have a TEFL

A safe and legal placement at a trusted and vetted school in Vietnam

Help obtaining a work visa

Priceless online and in person training sessions where we’re joined by alumni members who have been there and done it

An orientation day on July 27th in central London where you’ll meet us, but more importantly your fellow teachers

An internationally recognised 120h TEFL course that unlocks teaching opportunities across the world

Start-to-finish support


The Fine Print

There are a few things that aren’t included in the program fees. Make sure to take note so there are no nasty surprises down the line! Of course, our team will offer tips and guidance on how to figure these things out and get the best deal.

Medical insurance


Visa and related costs

Meals, transport & living expenses

Accommodation & deposit


This is for you if you’re…

An ambitious final-year student or graduate looking for a career-boosting experience to remember

An adventurer at heart who’s desperately seeking a way to give up the day job in pursuit of something more fulfilling

A nervous newbie who’s worried a lack of experience will get in the way of an awesome time

A sociable bee who can’t wait to embark on an trip with a group of likeminded people



Still got questions? See if we can help.

Good question. No, Impact Teaching is a UK-based agency that connects students and graduates with schools and teaching placements across Asia. We don’t own or operate a school ourselves, but we do know a good (and a bad) one when we see it. We seek reputable partners and provide comprehensive support services to ensure that you can relax in the knowledge that someone’s always got your back.

All visa related fees are to initially be paid by you, the applicant. 

Nonetheless, we’re here to guide you through the process and ensure you know what you need to do and when you need to do it, in the most efficient, affordable way.

Launching a teach abroad adventure is complicated and time consuming; we’re here to make it easier through start-to-finish support services that help you get a visa, get qualified, settle in, and make the most of your adventure. For our team to be able to do this, we require all participants to pay a program fee. If you want to go it alone, we’re not stopping you, but at Impact Teaching we’re all about simplifying things with placements you can trust.

IMAGINE if you did. We don’t reckon we’d get many applicants, do you? 🤣 Of course, if you’ve got ‘em, flaunt ‘em. But if not, that’s A-okay. In fact, the program is designed to fast-track TEFL newbies to teaching success, gaining a qualification, and picking up a bit of the lingo along the way.

Easy. We know the schools, the process and the requirements like the backs of our hands. So, we know exactly what to look for in our first-round screening calls. Once you pass this, it’s pretty much a dead cert you’ll get an offer in no time.

Absolutely… we can’t guarantee you’ll be at the same school (we’ve gotta share the awesomeness around), but we can help you find positions in the same city.

If you’re a final-year student or graduate looking for the ultimate opportunity to explore South East Asia, secure rewarding employment and boost your resume, then this is for you. 

What are you waiting for?