By Kate Jonska, Teacher in Warsaw


Whether you are a social butterfly or an introvert, there are plenty of things to do whilst in Warsaw!

Food 🍕

tasty looking pizza in an Italian restaurant in Warsaw

Since being in Warsaw, I have discovered that there are many food places you can visit, there is plenty to pick from as Warsaw provides cuisine from all over the world which tastes yummy. It is also quite accommodating if you have any special dietary requirements, such as being a vegan or vegetarian.

One of the first places I visited in Warsaw to go our for food is a place called ‘Trattoria Rucola – Centrum’ and this one is located on Krucza 6/14, 00-548 Warszawa. They offer a big range of Italian food, a friendly presence with welcoming, attentive staff.

The next place I would recommend trying is this big food hall / factory which goes by the name ‘FOOD TOWN w Fabryce Norblina’ and is located in Fabryka Norblina. You will find food cuisine from all over the world here, so you will not be stuck for options, however if you are indecisive like me when it comes to picking food, you may struggle! The atmosphere in this area is very nice and the general vibe and feel in this place is authentic and interesting, as it used to be a factory.



Things to do and see with friends and family 🚊

Being the capital of Poland, Warsaw is a big city with plenty of places to visit and explore.

On Sundays shops are closed, so it’s a good day to explore Warsaw and see what it has to offer. One Sunday I went to the Warsaw Zoo with my family, and despite the fact it was a chilly winter day, there was still plenty of animals to see. It’s worth a visit, the Zoo is located at Ratuszowa 1/3, 03-461 Warszawa.

At the zoo there is a massive range of animals to see, and plenty of facts to learn about them. The zoo covers a big area so it will take a good few hours to see everything there is to offer but it is completely worth it as you get to be in fresh air and have a mini break from reality, as you’ll be enjoying your time looking at cute animals and spending time with friends and family.

It’s worth a visit, the Zoo is located at Ratuszowa 1/3, 03-461 Warszawa.

During the winter / Christmas time Warsaw is lit up with pretty lights and illuminations. Mokotow is known for its illuminations which you pay to go and see. There is also a water fountain, which goes by the name ‘multimedia fountain park’ that gets lit up and has various ‘performances’ and illustrations and these happen all year round on selected dates, but even without these the park is worth vising.

Somewhere else I have also visited in this past is the old town and the Palace of Culture and Science, and if you’re one who likes to visit historical places when visiting a place then these places are definitely worth a visit.

Night life 🥳

Drinks at a bar in Warsaw If you’re a social butterfly and like going out the best way to finish off the day off in Warsaw is to go for a drink and just like with there being plenty of food places to visit, there are plenty of pubs and bars to pick from.

When going out in the evening in Warsaw, I never feel unsafe as places are well lit up and there are easy ways of getting home, for instance a taxi or uber and people also tend to be friendly, nice and helpful. One of the times I went out in Warsaw I took  the taxi home and felt completely safe so I am sure that you will do too.

I have not yet had the chance to fully explore the nightlife and clubs in Warsaw, however when I ask people what they think of it they always say there is a good atmosphere and plenty of vibes to chose from, for instance I get told the techno lifestyle is popular in Poland. There are also a lot of bars that a worth a visit, some more expensive than others but all with a good place to make memories. However, with that being said I have visited one or two bars in Warsaw, and plan on visiting more.

One of the places I have had the chance to visit is, ‘pijalnia wódki i piwa nowy świat’ and this is located on Pawilon 2/3, Nowy Świat 22/28, 00-373. When arriving at this place I was curious to see what it has to offer and I was pleasantly surprised with my experience. I would say that this place is somewhat of a traditional Polish bar, and the inside is somewhat spacious with a nice interior.

Here, the drinks here were all reasonably priced and, and same goes for the limited shot selection they had to offer. This place is ideal for a get together with friends, or a small social gathering if you are on a budget. The staff were all very welcoming and when I first arrived there were barely any people in but as time went on it became livelier and busier. Personally I think Warsaw has much more to offer than this place however the location of this place is nice and it is easy to find. Moreover, they also serve a selected food menu which I did not have a chance to look at and try as I came here for drinks with friends.

So whether whatever your interests are you will definitely find a place in Warsaw to suit your needs.


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