The freelance teaching program that allows independent adventurers and experienced teachers to forget the stress of relocating, secure employment and seamlessly settle into life in Poland.

Combining the freedom of self-employment with the security of expert support, the Poland Teaching Program puts you in control of your experience. You’ll have the support of our team in finding a legal job and getting set up, but your freelance status gives you the freedom to take on private clients, choose your schedule and set your rates.

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Program highlights

A low tax rate of 8.5%

Zero commission taken from your salary

The chance to teach students of various ages

Full ongoing support from our team

Meeting like minded people in the same boat

The freedom to legally find extra clients yourself

The Poland Teaching Program

This flexible support service arms you with the tools you need to burst onto the Polish ESL scene and settle in with ease. It helps you:

Secure a legal job

at a legit school that won’t skim a commission off the top of your salary (seriously, some do).

Impress employers

with resume-building advice and interview preparation tips that’ll have the job offers flying in.

Meet new people

who, just like you, are ambitious, experienced and ready to make the most of life in Poland.

Enjoy a low tax rate

of only 6% – so you can save, explore and fully make the most of life in your new home.

Settle in and set up

with support finding an apartment, setting up a bank account and all the bureaucracy of moving abroad.

Forget the stress

and focus on preparing for your adventure and getting excited—because that’s what it’s all about.


Your placement

You might work in a few kinds of schools, which could be bilingual, kindergartens or private after-school centres. You’ll also have the chance to teach at business English schools if you want to work with adults.

Your schedule

If you work in a kindergarten, you’ll teach during regular school hours. Most private training centre or business English school classes take place during weekday afternoons and evenings and during the daytime on weekends. Whatever your schedule, you’ll get two days off each week, on certain weekdays.

Your students

From beginners to intermediate learners, you’ll work with a range of abilities across all age groups. The best part? As most positions are in after-school centers, most students want to be there, so they’re usually well-behaved.

Your salary

Your salary will depend on how many hours you work each month, but it averages around 4500 PLN (£800) per month for new arrivals. This is a comfortable salary for living in Poland, and it’ll increase the longer you stay.


Choose Your Destination



Your adventure includes…

We’re here to make sure you feel safe and supported in your move. So that you quickly find your feet and settle into your new home, the Poland Teaching Program includes:

Start-to-finish support

From finding a legal job and navigating the pre-departure process to accessing training and meeting fellow adventurers in the same boat, we’re here to make sure you’re set up and ready to succeed.

A low tax rate

As an Impact Teacher, you’ll enjoy a special tax rate of 6% instead of 17-21%. It’s totally legit, don’t worry. It’s called the ‘Authors Contract’, and it’s designed to encourage professionals like you to work in Poland.

A teaching placement

We’ll help you find a well-paid, legal job in the city of your choice. Note that most schools only offer 10-15 hours per week, but you can combine two part-time positions and accept private clients with your work permit status.

Interview preparation support

Our team is well-versed in the Polish school recruitment process, so you’ll get our advice and join a mock interview to gain confidence and prepare memorable answers that’ll wow your interviewer.

Resume writing service

No matter how great your resume, it’ll need to be tailored to suit the Polish market. You’ll have access to tips, tools and guidance from our team to make your application stand out and make a great first impression on any employer.

Access to a community

You’ll join a vibrant cohort of teachers who’ll be with you through every twist and turn, helping you adjust, settle in and make friends from the get-go.


It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3… and 4…

We’re all about keeping things simple, which is why our application process is designed to get your adventure off the ground in just 4 steps.

Step 1

Send us your application

Craft your cover letter, upload your CV and answer a few simple questions.

Step 2

Chat to us

Jump on a 30-minute call and tell us about you, what you’re looking for and when you want to go.

Step 3

Sign up

Submit your enrolment form and pay the program fee. Then… you’re all set!


Who we’re looking for

While we’d love to help everyone who wants to launch a career in Poland, we’ve got to follow the rules. So, as Polish employment laws state, this program is only open to applicants who:

Are from a country where English is an official national language

Have some teaching experience

Have the funds to pay for the program and associated costs

That’s not all – given the way the Polish market works, you’ll also need to be adaptable, resilient and willing to ride the wave of working on a freelance basis.

No degree? Good news – you don’t need one!


All you need to know about what’s included

If there’s one thing we believe, it’s that you should never have to pay to work. And with us you won’t have to; but, to be able to offer the support, guidance, training, and resources we’re known for, we require all participants to pay a program service fee.

Program Includes

Guaranteed teaching job in Poland

Help obtaining a type-D visa for Poland

Resume writing advice

Low tax rate of 8.5%

Access to community of teachers


Program Does Not Include

TEFL course (optional add-on £93)


This is for you if you’re…

An experienced teacher looking for a change of pace or scenery

An adventurer at heart who’s keen to explore a new culture and have the freedom to manage your own schedule

A sociable bee who can’t wait to embark on an trip with a group of likeminded people


Still got questions? See if we can help

Good question. No, Impact Teaching is a UK-based agency that connects students and graduates with schools and teaching placements across Asia. We don’t own or operate a school ourselves, but we do know a good (and a bad) one when we see it. We seek reputable partners and provide comprehensive support services to ensure that you can relax in the knowledge that someone’s always got your back.

All visa related fees are to be paid by you, the applicant. We’re here to guide you through the process and ensure you know what you need to do and when you need to do it, in the most efficient, affordable way. In most cases, your school will reimburse some, if not all, of the visa costs after you arrive and start work. 

Launching a teach abroad adventure is complicated and time consuming; we’re here to make it easier through start-to-finish support services that help you get a visa, get qualified, settle in, and make the most of your adventure. For our team to be able to do this, we require all participants to pay a program fee. If you want to go it alone, we’re not stopping you, but at Impact Teaching we’re all about simplifying things with placements you can trust.

Easy. We know the schools, the process and the requirements like the backs of our hands. So, we know exactly what to look for in our first-round screening calls. Once you pass this, it’s pretty much a dead cert you’ll get an offer in no time.

Absolutely… we can’t guarantee you’ll be at the same school (we’ve gotta share the awesomeness around), but we can help you find positions in the same city.

Good question. The short answer is that it’s 100% legal. You’ll work under a Polish tax rate called an author’s contract, which you’re eligible for by proving you create lesson plans each month.

If you’re an adventurous native English speaker with some teaching experience and a desire to explore, then there’s no doubt this program is for you. Though you’ll have the full support of our team, you’ll need to be adaptable, resilient and willing to ride the freelance work wave to succeed in Poland. If the thought of it excites you, then you’ll do just fine.

Start your English teaching adventure in Poland!