Getting to know your students as people can really help your lessons.

Knowing which sports team they support, movies they like, or what pets they have can make planning for an engaging lesson a lot easier. Likewise, it helps if they know more about you, and they’ll have plenty of questions for you!

The lesson plan below is appropriate for middle aged school children, and designed for a 40 minute lesson.


Stage & Time

5 minutes

Warm up/Review

Short activity, game or review using familiar vocabulary from previous lessons to capture students’ interest


A-Z English Name Game!

Divide students into teams. Each team writes out the alphabet on a piece of paper.

Teams are given 3 minutes to write as many names as they can think of and try to fill the alphabet.

Walk around checking participation. After 3 minutes, go through the alphabet and in turns ask teams for a response for one letter until you’ve got through the whole alphabet.


20-30 minutes

Main Lesson Content



Introduce the topic and new vocabulary in the simplest form



Introduce the target sentence to put vocab in context



A topic-based task for students to practice language



Test understanding of the class as a whole



Intro & Context

Getting to know the teachers: students are shown facts about the teacher, where they come from etc. Use visual images on ppt to demonstrate your life in your home country and elements of the culture. E.g. where are you from? Where did you go to university? What’s your favourite book? What’s your favourite movie? What’s your favourite genre of music? What’s your favourite sport? Next part of PPT on Family. Introduce Mum, Dad, Brother, Niece, Jobs. 



Choose some numbers/words from the facts that you presented about yourself and write them on the board. Students work in small teams to remember the significance of the word / number and nominate a team member to explain. Tally the scores of the different teams on the board.




Students must write 4 sentences about themselves (difficulty depending on level of English). Choose 8 words from your introduction that they must include. Write them on the board and leave them there so that students can remind themselves.

Students read their texts in pairs.

5 minutes

Cool down/review

A fun, calming activity to wrap up lesson. Reward good behaviour.

Choose a few students to read out their texts to the class. The class must clap when they hear the words that are written on the board.






































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